kiriyanpan It’s Yanaka.


yukinojou: Yanaka (well, mostly Yanaka Ginza and thereabouts)


Possibly my favourite place in Tokyo.


A little bit of my Tokyo memories.


… from now on even when it’s old and friendly acquaintances I am not going to do any work ever without a signed agreement.



Sometimes I worry about Mirio. xD In the recent WOWOW special she talked about how she’ll have to rely on the other troupe members now when she forgets her phone etc. - since Daimon will be gone soon. 

Mirio,you’re a Top Star - please take care of your own things,you derp. xD”’

Somehow I imagined a Very Serious business meeting between Kano-chan (with a notebook and pen), Ran-chan (with a bunch of printouts) and Daimon.

Kano-chan: *takes notes*

Ran-chan: Here’s the ‘How to care for your top star’ list that Sakurano-san gave me when she retired. Here’s the additional advice list I was allowed to have by Hanafusa-san. Please take good care of Asumi-san! And especial addition from me: always check if she has her phone and whether it’s working, and in case she doesn’t you should have a copy of her main contact list, and…

Daimon: How about we just steal her phone and give it to Kano-chan? She won’t notice anyway!



instead of writing about young women who fall for mysterious and aloof men with borderline abusive behaviour (sometimes even crossing said border) write about young women who fall for mysterious and aloof men who turn out to be glamorous japanese crossdressing women:

"you’re tall and graceful with an impossible voice and killer dance moves"

"say it. out loud."


-otokoyaku who looks suspiciously like kiriyan starts doing jazz hands-


"do you glitter in the sunlight?"

"i also glitter under stage lights."


"why can’t we be together?"

"because i swore a vow of chastity before entering the music school." (beat) "also it’d cause a big scandal and i don’t want you involved in it."


the stagelight saga, with stagelight, new costumes, glitterclipse, and breaking featherbutts

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